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Stacey J. Byers

Travel Associate

Stacey is both a travel enthusiast and a professional photographer. 


Stacey has always been curious about people, their stories, and about places she has never been to before. As a photographer, she says that portraiture provides her with a powerful opportunity for total strangers to share some of their life's stories with her. Stacey’s other passion is travel. She possesses a wanderlust to experience new places and cultures. One might describe her approach as “look, listen, learn, and love” because no matter where she travels, she develops a deep respect for the people she encounters and inevitably falls in love with the places she explored. 


As a travel associate, she enjoys providing our clients with outstanding travel experiences so that they too will fall in love with the people they meet and the places they visit. 

Contact Stacey 


Tel: 805.705.2880

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