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Why are we in the travel business?

It is our firm belief that travel  is the ultimate road to a healthy, stimulating and exciting life.  Quite simply, travel is our passion.

Why do we so strongly believe that travel is the ultimate experience?

Travel, unlike any other experience, has the power to educate, to challenge mindsets,  to open our eyes to the wonderment of this world, and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Why are we members of Virtuoso?

Travel planning is greatly dependent upon personal relationships around the world.  Virtuoso, like no other luxury travel company, provides us these relationships with the very best in air, cruise, tour, international on-site, and auxiliary services.  It is through the Virtuoso network  that we are able to create exceptional and extraordinary travel experiences.

Why do we want you as our client?

We passionately and confidently know that we can serve you best in your travel planning.  We know the very best that this world has to offer.  We explore the world in order to provide the very best in professional advice - in hopes that our passion for travel becomes yours.